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Our mission is simple. We AIM to EqXcite. To make the brands we represent the Nikes, the GAPS, the Apples and the Pepsi of the Equine Industry. The Superstars. Household names that achieve badge status. ReadMoreBlackLetters



Yes, we're focusing our energies on the Equi-Sphere – but EqXcite is no ordinary niche agency. We’re a team of proven, award-winning consumer advertising heavyweights from around the US, united by one common goal: to set a new standard in Equine Marketing, and build brands there like never before.ReadMoreBlackLetters


Work that catches your eye, demands your attention, makes you think, and is based on an invaluable and relevant insight… … is work that generates more awareness per dollar spent, and makes a long lasting, brand-building impression. ReadMoreBlackLetters


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